Teasing a Startup Before You Pitch It to Investors

Teasing a Startup Before You Pitch It to Investors

You have a great idea that you think is going to be the next big thing. Maybe it’s a mobile app. Perhaps it’s a particular service no one else is offering. Either way, you have convinced yourself that you have to pitch your idea to venture capitalists before you can do anything else. Stop. Think again. Consider teasing your startup before you actually pitch it.

What is teasing? According to Mezy, a Utah company that offers diligence-as-a-service (DaaS) powered by a technology-based diligence platform, it is giving potential investors just enough information to pique their interest. You tease them, … Read more

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Green advertising and marketing … Read more

Analyzing the Pandemic’s Impact on Micro-businesses

After a year-long struggle with COVID, small businesses are still feeling the heat of the global pandemic.

Beyond health concerns, the pandemic brought restrictions and a way of life that led to the temporary shutdown of businesses.

With the current situation still threatening to slow down commercial activity, SMBs must brace themselves for a new era of business.

Below is a complete guide through the consequences of COVID and how microbusinesses can survive and grow in a slow economy. 

COVID’s Impact  

On the business front, COVID has left an unprecedented negative impact on small enterprises. 

Though the pandemic demanded extreme Read more

Why you should think twice before setting up a business

Why you should think twice before setting up a business

Starting up a business requires thorough reasoning, research, and considerations. It’s not just something one wakes up one day and off he sets up the business. Doing so may lead to failure and the collapse of the business in no time.

Most successful businessmen and women would tell you the road was never smooth and you may misquote them to mean discouraging you from starting a business but there might be elements of truth in their assertions.


Without money, you can hardly start any business except you somehow have all the needs for the business that would have … Read more

Why telework is a big no-go:

Why telework is a big no-go:

The world as a whole is ever changing, from the way we do business, to the way we buy our goods. The year 2020 saw more companies moving to working from home and working remotely. Many companies also moved all their operations online, and became online businesses focusing on e-commerce. A good way to see the effect of moving operations online is to go through reviews on luminablog.co.uk, where you can search cheap office furniture companies reviews, or find out more information about a particular company.

Working from home or remotely, also known as telework, is becoming a … Read more

Choose the Right Marketing Agency with These 5 Tips

Choose the Right Marketing Agency with These 5 Tips

Marketing shouldn’t be considered a ‘Dark Art’ or shrouded in secrecy that no one understands. This is because the marketing process is logical and simple.

So why do businesses get it wrong when choosing a marketing agency?

Among the reasons behind this is that thousands of agencies in the market actively promote themselves as the best marketing professionals in communications and creativity.

However, marketing is a broader area. This is why you need to consider the following tips so as to choose the right marketing agency:

  1. Look at the Social Proof and Reputation

Social proof, such as previous customer reviews … Read more

Reward Cards & Coupons For Sale

Management is a set of principles relating to the functions of planning, organizing, directing and controlling, and the applying of these principles in harnessing bodily, financial, human, and informational assets efficiently and effectively to attain organizational goals. As soon as you’ve got developed your advertising technique, there is a “Seven P Components” you need to use to continually evaluate and reevaluate your small business actions. Given the size of most business operations and the shortage of mechanized document-preserving and recording before the economic revolution, it made sense for many house owners of enterprises in those occasions to hold out administration … Read more

Cara memasang kaca film dan gedung dengan berbagai brand

Kaca jendela mobil dan gedung yang gelap bisa menghalangi sinar ultraviolet matahari yang bisa membahayakan kulit. Kaca film ini juga akan memberi privasi agar orang tidak bisa melihat bagian dalam mobil. Walaupun pemasangan kaca film dan gedung memerlukan waktu yang lama, Sebenarnya Anda bisa memasang sendiri kaca film menggunakan beberapa alat standar.

Carilah area kerja yang kering dan bersih. Anda memerlukan area yang bersih agar kotoran dan debu tidak menempel pada film. Menggunakan area di dalam ruangan memang bagus. Namun, apabila Anda ingin melakukannya di luar ruangan, gunakan tempat yang kering dan bersih. Kita sebagai perusahaan kaca film dan … Read more

5 Advantages of Buying a Case for Your Smartphone

Various brands of smartphones are available at very competitive costs. All users of a smartphone these days get a great investment in their professional and personal life. They consider a vast number of significant things to take good care of their phones in various aspects.

You can also get a first-class smartphone with the aim of getting and using a good phone case. Out of every ordinary feature of phone cases, these days give users more than the usual advantages. 

Once you start using an exclusive phone case, you may increase the general lifetime of your smartphone and get the Read more

Agen Kaca Film 3M Hadirkan Garansi 3 tahun

Kami selain menghadirkan teknologi, 3M autofilm, yakni kaca film untuk mobil menghadirkan berbagai inovasi, salah satunya adalah garansi produk 3 tahun. Untuk mendapatkan garansi ini, pelanggan harus membeli di agen resmi 3M autofilm dan akan mendapatkan kartu garansi remi dari agen kami.

Agen resmi 3M autofilm saat ini ada beberapa yang tersebar di seluruh Indonesia untuk memudahkan pelanggan serta jaminan keaslian produk. Selain garansi selama 3 tahun, kami menjamin produk yang dibeli adalah asli, menurut kami, kaca film adalah bukan barang murah, maka seharusnya punya aftersales service yang bagus.

Dengan beli barang yang asli, maka kita akan mendapatkan langsung garansi … Read more

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