Do People Still Use Postcards?

Do People Still Use Postcards?

Do you remember back when sending a postcard from a vacation was the norm? Before cell phones, text messaging, and social media, it was common to send a postcard to loved ones from wherever you were staying in the world to let them know that you were having a wonderful time and that you ‘wished they were here’. While some people would send postcards to loved ones, others would send them to themselves as a kind of travel journal. Postcards were a terrific way to connect people. However, are they still used today?

What are Postcards Used for Today?

Postcards are still around today, and you might have seen them in souvenir stores around the United States or in other tourist parts of the world. They usually have pictures of local landmarks or people with the name of the town or city. But while most people don’t bother sending them to connect with loved ones when they are on vacation anymore, many will still buy them as a memento of their vacation.

Some people have postcard collections, a hobby known as deltiology. Many of these individuals will focus on one kind of category – for example, postcards from various cities around the world. Others will choose a completely different category, such as postcards from a specific decade or postcards that have a theme like historic buildings or Christmas.

But postcards have other uses too. In fact, according to the folk at Full Tilt Direct, postcard marketing is a very valuable tool for businesses. Actually, postcards are a very cost-effective way of advertising and can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, a postcard can be a quick and efficient way to let customers know about an upcoming event or a new product that has just been launched.

Why You Should Get Back into the Habit of Sending Postcards

Although you might think that the ritual of writing postcards is dead and buried, some people continue with this tradition today and there are many great reasons for continuing this trend. It might be quicker to send a message via mobile data when you are away from home, but a postcard is much more meaningful.

Most people love receiving mail, but because of the digital world we live indirect mail often consists of junk mail or the odd bill that nobody wants. Imagine how nice it would be to get a postcard through the mailbox. It shows that you care and have thought about that person while you were vacationing. Even a couple of words is enough to prove to someone that they were in your thoughts, which is always a nice touch.

You don’t even have to send postcards to family members or friends. You could send them to yourself so that you (hopefully) have a nice surprise waiting when you get home from your vacation. Over the years, you can accumulate a nice little collection of postcards that you can look back on. You could also write a little message on the back about what your favorite part of the vacation was, which will serve as a reminder in years to come.


Postcards might not be as popular as they once were in terms of sending them from a vacation, but there is no reason why you cannot begin sending them again. You might even begin your own postcard collecting hobby based on the postcards you have found on your travels around the States or the rest of the world. If you are lucky, you might even get the odd postcard through the mailbox from a family member or friend or from a business using this cost-effective marketing tool.