The Dropshipping Business for Digital Nomads in Vietnam

If you’re a digital nomad, then you certainly have used laptops and telecommunications to earn a living. From being a corporate virtual assistant to web content writers, the opportunities are endless. Then there’s dropshipping, a revolutionized way of buying and selling goods and merchandise.

So What is Dropshipping and How Can Digital Nomads Benefit from it?

For starters, dropshipping is a kind of online business where you take orders from your customers and third-party suppliers deliver the product. You don’t keep an inventory of the products. You only direct the orders to businesses that can provide your order. Essentially, you’re like a middleman between the buyers and the manufacturers.

Set Up an Online Store

The most common method for dropshipping is Shopify. Using this platform, you can decide what you want to sell on your online store and who do you want to be your suppliers. The system also provides a payment method for your customers so everything is being taken care of.

Chose a Niche for Your Chosen Products and Services

There’s a lot of product lines inside Shopify and you can’t sell it all alone yourself. You need to focus on a particular niche where you can put all your effort. For example, you can focus on selling books or anything t-shirts.

Promote Your Storefront

When it comes to advertising your dropshipping business, there’s no exact formula in doing it. Some use paid advertisements on search engines while some use Social Media. Try to experiment until you get which platform will give you more customers.

Build Your Brand

There’s a lot of dropshippers online and it’s kinda hard to distinguish your business from them. You need to think about it thoroughly. For example, if you’re selling travel services, you can make your tagline “Always finding ways to serve you better on your travel needs. You can sell products and services that are flexible in nature like free one-time change for hotel booking and tours one month before it happens.


The Growing Industry of Dropshipping in Vietnam

While dropshipping is thriving in Vietnam, many are struggling and some don’t really have the drive to grow. It could be a good source of income for digital nomads, but it requires patience. You also need to love the products that you market.

The dropshipping industry runs on trust and familiarity. In reality, these businesses only sell their brand (as a dropshipper) and influence. However, if branding is the name of the game, then you would want to get ahead of the competition.  

Hope this article has helped you, especially if you’re a digital nomad who’s looking for more income streams. Speaking of income streams, did you know that buying and selling businesses is a surefire way of earning money — and you can even do it anywhere! Simply buy an existing business, improve it, and sell your business for profit. What’s good about this is you’re actually helping startups as well!

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