Why you should think twice before setting up a business

Why you should think twice before setting up a business

Starting up a business requires thorough reasoning, research, and considerations. It’s not just something one wakes up one day and off he sets up the business. Doing so may lead to failure and the collapse of the business in no time.

Most successful businessmen and women would tell you the road was never smooth and you may misquote them to mean discouraging you from starting a business but there might be elements of truth in their assertions.


Without money, you can hardly start any business except you somehow have all the needs for the business that would have cost you or someone else some money. However, it is not every time we readily have the money available to start a business. When this is the case, you can check out companies that give micro loans for small businesses on luminablog.com. You should find good companies where you can get a loan to start your business and pay back later.

Be ready for competition

There’s a popular saying that in whatever thought you have, someone else somewhere may have the same too. This means you may not be the only one with the idea. So even in the business idea, you are trying to set up, you may not be the only one in the business. Thus, the business is open to competition. Now the question is, are you ready for competition in the business? Are you ready to withstand the heat and pressure from competitors? What can you do to stay in business and not be pushed out of business by industry competitors? Starting a business is one thing and staying in business is even the harder thing. This is why you need to think twice and consider all the above before starting a business.

Government taxes

Depending on your location and the government policies relating to taxation, be ready to start paying taxes to the government. Ordinarily, that shouldn’t be a problem if the business is doing well but when the business is struggling, it becomes difficult to pay tax and at times, the government could be insensitive to your plight in business. It’s therefore important to think twice and ask yourself if you are ready to pay taxes to the government even when the going is not smooth.

Human resource

Getting the right hands in positions to handle a business especially a startup is very key. The flourishing of a business to a large extent is dependent on human capital. When the right hands are in positions, undoubtedly, the business would succeed. On the other hand, when the wrong or incompetent hands handle positions, such a business suffers and may not belong it closes down.

Your personality

Individual personality can determine the success of a business. What is your personality like? Are you that type that people can easily do business with? Are you the type that people find comfort and peace of mind in doing business with? If you are someone with bad records, chances are people won’t find you worthy to do business with. Bad record or call it to turn off, red flag, and so on could mean criminal records such as duping, insincerity, lack of trust, bad attitudes, unfriendly attitudes, etc. All these speak volumes about your business and can determine your business’s success or failure.

Business basics

Understanding the basics behind the business you are about to venture into is very important. You don’t have to just jump into any business. First, research more and more about the basics and understand it properly before deciding whether to open it or not.

Industry-based experience or knowledge

This is similar to business basics but is relatively different. Here, you need to have first-hand experience and knowledge about how the business. Experience remains one of the tools valuable to the success of any business. Therefore, get some experience or knowledge about the business.

All these and more are the reasons you should think twice before starting a business.